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Jong Hap Mu Sool means "combined martial arts" in Korean.  JHMS is a martial art built on many traditional arts, incorporating striking and kicking, locks and throws, ground fighting and sparring practice.  Jong Hap Mu Sool is a traditional martial art in that it utilizes thousands of years of martial arts techniques, but it also has modern aspects that make it very practical for self defense. 

1. We want to help each person reach his or her full potential.

Reaching a level of mental and physical confidence, a person can empower him or herself to be their best. We all face challenges everyday at home, school and work. At times, a person might find him or herself wondering:

"What is the purpose of life?  Am I living life to my potential?  Is there more I can do?"

JHMS provides an environment where a person can nurture his or her internal growth through the mental and physical disciplines of martial arts.

2. We want to create a sense of unity in our community.

We focus on cooperative rather than competitive learning practices to help each student reach their individual potential. By creating strong unity in the studio, we can collectively reach greater goals by helping our community, our state, this nation, and the greater world. Along this journey, a person can discover their purpose and unique potential, and can contribute towards making this world a better place. In order to build this momentum, one must begin with the individual.

3. We want to instill important values in our students.

If we teach our students how to fight without teaching them important values, then we have failed.  It is a dangerous thing to teach someone to defend themselves without teaching them to respect themselves and others.  JHMS is rooted in core traditional values of respect, humility, honesty, trust and loyalty. Each of these has a distinct definition, but their application will be unique to everyone. As the student progresses on this journey, these values will provide strong roots to nurture their full and boundless potential. This inner realization is a building block of this martial art system.

4. We want to teach our students how to defend themselves.

JHMS is a system of fighting designed as an adaption of many styles to become useful in modern times. Martial arts were never intended to become stagnant or fixed and without change. The idea was to constantly upgrade and improve in order to always have the best and most effective fighting system currently available.  JHMS is a system of self-defense based on fundamental offensive and defensive techniques. These techniques can be classified as follows:

  1. Standing/Free-Moving

  2. Standing Clinch/Takedowns

  3. Ground Fighting

These categories include joint locking, striking, punching, kicking, throwing, falling and wrestling techniques, providing a well rounded fighting method.  JHMS is based on the theory of circular movements as opposed to direct encounter. Direct impact may cause injury and may be unsuccessful against greater power. Jong Hap Mu Sool's circular motions require less energy, but much knowledge and skill.




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